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Call for proposal

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Invites Applications for 2011 Global Libraries Access to Learning Award


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Global Libraries Access to Learning Award annually honors innovative organizations that "are opening a world of online information to people in need." Applications are open to institutions outside the United States that are working with disadvantaged communities.

Award applications are invited from libraries and similar organizations outside the U.S. that have created new ways to offer free public access to computers and the Internet, public training to assist users in accessing online information that can help improve their lives, technology training for library staff, and outreach to underserved communities. To be eligible, the applying institution must allow all members of the public to use computers and the Internet free of charge in a community space.

The award recipient will receive $1 million.

The online application form is available only in English and must be completed in English to be eligible for consideration.

For complete program guidelines and eligibility requirements, visit the Gates Foundation Web site.

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