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Recruitment: Mobile Application Laboratory East Asia Manager

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Mobile Application Laboratory East Asia Manager

Application Deadline: May 7, 2012.

Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP) is seeking a qualified consultant to oversee the establishment and implementation of the regional Mobile Applications Laboratory (mLab) East Asia in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam, which is sponsored by infoDev-World Bank, and managed by a consortium consisting of the Saigon Hi-Tech Park, Vietnam National University, FPT University, and Elcom.



The main objective of the position is to lead and manage the establishment and growth of the regional mLab, as a self sustaining organization, and to manage the implementation and operations of the mLab, including the technical and administrative activities. The Manager will represent the mLab within the industry, liaise with stakeholders and industry partners, and carry out the strategy approved by the Steering Committee.

The incumbent will be responsible for the operation of all aspects of the mLab development including training and accreditation, certification, competition for ideas, business mentoring, access to finance and markets, development and revision of technical standards, testing procedures and laboratory policies; providing technical support to mLab operations and consulting with stakeholders on mobile technology related matters.

In particular, the mLab manager will:

  • Develop a community of mobile innovation developers and position the mLab at the centre of providing value to that community by strengthening the profile of the mLab within the mobile development community, collaborating closely with existing technical community initiatives, and by forming strategic partnerships with the source of promising technical and entrepreneurial talents (such as key tertiary institutions).
  • Drive the development and implementation of the Business Plan based on a sustainable business model and stated objectives of the mLab.
  • Oversee the implementation and establishment of the mLab according to the Business Plan by ensuring that strategic and financial objectives are met; plan continual development and growth of the mLab in the long term.
  • Identify and secure appropriate revenue/funding for implementation of the mLab Business Plan so that financial and growth objectives are met.
  • Optimally leverage the mLab facility at The Saigon Hi-Tech Park and extend reach through appropriate events and virtual support.
  • Build and manage strategic stakeholder relationships with industry, academia and government partners to enable the delivery of mLab services and to position the mLab as a key player in the mobile space in East Asia.
  • Develop relationships with regional and global partners to support Mobile Applications, Mobile Application Communities, and other mLabs.
  • Be accountable for administration, monitoring, evaluation, and report about mLab operations including the appointment and management of staff and/or consultants; financial oversight; operations oversight etc.
  • Manage and execute policies and procedures by the Steering Committee.
  • Empower mobile researches, testing, certifying, and other developing activities in Mobile Application.

This is a challenging position that requires an entrepreneurial and community development approaches and a commitment for helping new and emerging business in the region. Nonetheless, with good funding to establish the mLab, the position offers exciting long term prospects and growth for the right person.


As the key leader of the regional mLab in East Asia, which is one of the five mobile applications laboratories worldwide funded by infoDev-World Bank, the incumbent will be a focal point in all of the operations of the mLab. In this position, the incumbent will be a member of the Steering Committee and have an authority to manage the mLab to meet partners’ demands; mobilize regional resources with a neutral among business - government and developing communities for the sustainable development of mLab, nurture competitiveness of innovations, while work under constraint by the policies, regulations, procedures and the business plan set by the Steering Committee and infoDev-World Bank.


The mLab manager will have the authority to make operational decisions to ensure that strategic and financial objectives laid out in the Business Plan, and set by the Steering Committee, are successfully achieved. The mLab manager will implement and operate within the policies set by the Steering Committee, and under the supervision by the project administrator authorized by the consortium. These policies will define (among other things) the scope of the financial and organizational authority and signing powers of the mLab.

The mLab manager will report to the Steering Committee and the project administrator authorized by the consortium.


The successful candidate must be self-motivated and able to demonstrate strong leadership abilities and skills in negotiation and conflict resolution, as well as in organizational administration and planning. An analytical, evaluative and problem-solving personality with the ability to multi-task within tight deadlines is required.

The candidate is expected to have knowledge of the issues of distributed team work (remote meetings, resource sharing, monitoring tools); should have strong experience in online tools for distributed collaboration, share information efficiently with all relevant stakeholders.

The candidate must also have excellent communication ability with a strong project management, presentation and consultation skills. These skills will be used to prepare project reports, briefing notes, correspondence, presentations and response to information requests from internal and external stakeholders.


The candidate should meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Strong knowledge and experience of mobile industry ecosystem, and preferably a strong interest in mobile applications development and content targeting emerging markets.
  • A relevant graduate degree from a recognized educational institution. (for example a MSc. Comm, MSc. Tech, and/or MBA/MPA)
  • 5 years of management experience either in a small, medium or large business/institution. A proven track record of general management must be evident in the career of the candidate, including:
    • Strategic management including demonstration of substantial responsibility for strategic direction settings and implementation.
    • Strong business growth stemming from effective management.
    • Positive human resource management (including career development; mentoring and coaching experience).
    • Sound financial management.
    • Effective operational management
    • Marketing and promotion.
    • Excellent written and spoken English.
    • Preferable advantages:
      • Involvement in the process of a high-tech development and training.
      • Knowledge of how to bring the R&D and software development fraternities together and an understanding of the challenges of commercialization in a dual economy.
      • Experience in implementing technology solutions that have broad-based social benefit.
      • Proven leadership skills and ability to motivate and lead teams and engender trust, both locally and through online environments.
      • Evidence of community development activities and networking ability, particularly with mobile, scholar and/or business communities in the nation and region.


As a contracted employee, the mLab manager will be expected to occupy this position on a full-time basis, operating from the mLab premises locally in Saigon Hi-Tech Park, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In order to execute the responsibilities of the position, periods of both local and international travel are to be expected.

The mLab manager must be willing to work outside of business hours to meet deadlines or address issues that could compromise on the achievement of strategic and financial objectives or services delivery.

The start-up phase of the mLab, the mLab manager might work in a timely manner to meet strict schedule of the Business Plan.


The position is for an initial period of 12 months, subject to renewal.


Please send a CV and a covering letter indicating your suitability for this assignment and your proposal on how to conduct it, to Tran Tuan Anh ( Địa chỉ email này đã được bảo vệ từ spam bots, bạn cần kích hoạt Javascript để xem nó. ).

Make sure to write the following on your Subject line: “Application for Mobile Applications Laboratory Manager.”

Deadline to apply is May 7, 2012, 08:00 AM, GMT+7.

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