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Deputy Manager – Academic Operations (Vietnamese Programme)

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Job Scope: To ensure the academic quality and operational efficiency of the Vietnamese programme in Hanoi region under the direct supevisor of the Manager - Academic Operations (Vietnamese Programme). The Deputy Manager assists the Manager with the deployment of academic operations, curriculum development and instructional delivery of the Vietnamese education programme of schools in Hanoi under KinderWorld Vietnam’s system.

1. Assist the Manager – Academic Opreations (Vietnamese Programme) to ensure that the overall delivery of the Vietnamese education programme to all KinderWorld schools in Hanoi is in compliance with the regulations of MOET, local DOET and OOET and in line within the Corporate’s purpose of pursuing a high quality education for students.
2. Undertake comprehensive regular school inspections for review of student performance and academic standards pertaining to the Vietnamese curriculum and make recommendations for improvement.
3. Assist in the design, development, and implementation of a classroom teacher observation instrument which provides sustained and relevant data for improving teaching performance and identifiable growth in student learning, over time.
4. In consultation with Academic Operations, the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) and the Head of English, assist with the design, development and implementation of a continuous teacher professional development and training programme, for Vietnamese teaching staff, tailored to the data gathered from the classroom observation instrument.
5. Develop, in consultation with Academic Operations, and principals of schools, a series of ongoing parent seminars which communicates the Integrated programme of study and Study Pathway options.
6. Assist the principals in developing and improving transition programmes including Year 9 to high school, students changing from the Integrated to International programme of study and so on.

1. Support the Management in the development and implementation of the Corporate initiatives.
2. Other duties as assigned by the Management from time to time.

Link: http://www.vietnamworks.com/deputy-manager-academic-operations-vietnamese-programme-387948-jv


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